Lam Ching Ying

林正英 Master For All Seasons

I tender my thanks to Lam Ching Ying for all the beautiful moments, for the pleasure he gave me through his acting. I also wanted to pay tribute to his short, but rich, sincere and unique life.

In acknowledgement I created this page.

If you know Ching Ying's life and his work, it will recall nice memories, and if you don't, it will inspire you to get to know his heritage.

Please, take a look round and visit back once in a while for updates!

Dear Ah Ying!

I strongly believe that in one way or another you are able to see this site.

This is my tribute to you. You were gifted not only with unique acting ability, but spiritually as well. You had wisdom and dignity you preserved in life and in death.

It's nearly ten years you left this world, but your art made you undying. Please accept these pages I create with great respect. I'll do my best to make this site as complete, orderly and elegant as your personality was in your whole life.

Your intention was to entertain and enchant us with your inimitable style, with your gentle humor and last but not least with your martial arts talent. You never thought about yourself, not even when you should have had to do, you hated attention around you, to burden others with your troubles, you lived your life silently. I feel this is the least I can do.

Wherever you are, don't forget you are remembered, honoured and painfully missed forever.    


On one autumn day, in 2006 Russell Garbutt paid his tribute to Lam Ching Ying on the Memorial Site. Two years later he became my beloved Husband. I'm most grateful to him for supporting me, for never losing his patience, and for his ceaseless love. Without this site we would have never met.
I would like to say thanks to him for sharing his wonderful collection of Shaw Brothers movies with me.

Special thanks to ekisha from Azerbaijan for helping me a lot in the filmography section, providing new titles and screen caps, for sharing movies, for his enthusiasm.

I would like to thank my best friend Klara (Clarissamia from the Sammo Hung site) for her never-ending encouragement and reassurance. She is my English spelling and language adviser, as well.

Heartfelt thanks to Jo Gale for her enthusiasm and dedication towards this project! Thanks for sharing the same aim, for undertaking the fruitful theme of making Vampire Expert I screen caps!

Thanks to Ah Yan for helping me finding my way through Chinese names and spellings!

Many thanks to Atsushi Fujiwara (site owner of the Japanese Sammo Hung Site) for his precious help.

Warm thanks to Lily Wang, who reviewed my filmography in Chinese and helped me correcting my mistakes. She also searched very hard for  the missing Chinese titles! And huge thanks for sharing her fantastic Lam Ching Ying music videos with us, as well. Lily started to write reviews. Many thanks for her clever, in depth thoughts.

Many many thanks to Candy Tian for letting me feature her great music videos dedicated to Lam Ching Ying's Memory.

Thanks to Liulei Lei for providing fascinating Lam Ching Ying graphics. Lei is the webmaster of the Chinese Lam Ching Ying Site

Big thanks to my Japanese friends Marigny, Shakura Dehanami, and the site and cogito.ergo.sum for providing magnificent Lam Sifu graphics.

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