Lam Ching Ying

林正英 Master For All Seasons

Lam Ching Ying Uncredited

As every single actor, Lam Ching Ying had to start from the "bottom". Nevertheless he was a reliable action choreographer he worked as a good stuntman as well, and had many films in which he only had minor roles. His name sometimes is not even mentioned. A few films are still subject of calculations and arguments whether he performed in them or not. I try to give a little helping hand with picture proof. My searching is still in progress so this page will be under construction for a long time! I hope you will enjoy searching for his face on these rare screencaps. Some are really poor quality. Sorry about that, they are from rare, old copies.

Minor roles in...

The Lady with a Sword    The Association   Enter the Dragon    Sentimental Swordsman      The Skyhawk     A Touch Of Zen     He Has Nothing But Kung Fu     The Iron Fisted Monk     The Incredible Kung Fu Master     The Shaolin Plot     The End Of The Wicked Tigers     When Tekwondo Strikes     Legend Of The Bat    Enter The Fat Dragon    Executioners From Shaolin     Dynamite Brothers     Amsterdam Connection    Where is Officer Tuba?     Warriors Two     The Odd Couple      The Two Toothless Tigers      Knockabout      The Thunderbolt Fist      The Man From Hong Kong     Fist Of Fury     Kung Fu Stars     Challenge Of The Masters     Game Of Death     The Victim   Pom Pom    Painted Skin    A Man Called Tiger   Clan Of Amazons    Hot Potato    Seaman No7     Amsterdam Kill     Bruce's Deadly Fingers     Spiritual Boxer      Broken Oath      Tornado Of Pearl River    The Golden Knight      The Rendezvous Of Warriors     The Proud Youth  Judgment of an Assassin   The Casino   The Golden Seal   The Crimson Charm   The Deadly Knives   The Lady Hermit   His name is Nobody   Bloody Ring   The Invincible Eight   The Blade Spares None   The Angry River     Brothers Five   Six Assassins     The Fugitive     The Imperial Swordsman     Swordsman at Large     Strike and Sword

Strike and Sword

Swordsman at Large

Brothers Five

The Imperial Swordsman

The Fugitive

Six Assassins

The Angry River

The Blade Spares None

The Invincible Eight

Bloody Ring

His name is Nobody

The Lady Hermit

The Deadly Knives

The Crimson Charm

The Golden Seal

The Casino

Judgment of an Assassin

Lady with a sword


The Association

Enter the Dragon

Sentimental Swordsman

The Skyhawk


A touch of Zen

He has nothing but Kung Fu

The Iron Fisted Monk

The Incredible Kung Fu Master

The Shaolin Plot

End of the wicked tigers

Lam Ching Ying had a little role at the beginning of the film as a market place seller who is beaten up by the baddies. But in the middle of the film we can spot him for a second as an extra in that wicked group...

When Taekwondo Strikes

Legend of the Bat

Enter The Fat Dragon

Executioners from Shaolin



Dynamite Brothers

Amsterdam Connection

Where is Officer Tuba?

Warriors Two

Lam Ching Ying had a role as a swordsman, but he was used as an extra in one scene!

In the right hand corner, in grey outfit.

The Odd Couple

The Two Toothless Tigers

Lam Ching Ying was used again as an extra in the market place scene. On the right side!


His other two appearances in Knockabout


The Thunderbolt Fist

A wonderful backward somersault!

The Man from Hong Kong

Another beautiful somersault!


Fist of Fury

Wow! Look at how his legs split in the air!

Kung Fu Stars

Challenge of the Masters

Game of Death

The Victim

Pom Pom

Painted Skin

A man called Tiger

Clan of Amazons

Hot Potato

Seaman No7

Amsterdam Kill

Bruce's Deadly Fingers

Spiritual Boxer

Broken Oath

Tornado of Pearl River

The Golden Knight

The Rendezvous of Warriors

The Proud Youth


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