Lam Ching Ying

林正英 Master For All Seasons



Name: Katie
Sign: Scorpion
Home: Long Island, NY





On one autumn day, in 2006 an American gentleman paid his tribute to Lam Ching Ying on his Memorial Site. I thanked the heartfelt words and invited him to join the Forum. And he did, the very same day. We started to exchange messages first on the Forum, e-mails went back and forth, and later on we started to chat online. Gradually, but surprisingly quickly we became not only the best of friends, but we  realized this is much more then that. A great love evolved, based on mutual respect, appreciation and admiration.
I understood what fate and destiny really means. When two people, even though they live an ocean away, speak different languages are supposed to meet, they will. We are kindred. Our souls are bound, we have the same taste, the same values in life, the same thoughts.
We lived a between-season, separated life for two years, but eventually we got married on the 22nd of February 2009.

Thank you Lam Sifu.

Rest in peace!

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